Goodbye Monopol 1

In the summer of 2012, in their never-ending
search to bring life and excitement to Luxembourg, (m)ad-man Will Kreutz and urban artist Sumo stumbled across a gem of an idea. Through one of Kreutz’s clients, the real-estate development company Breevast, which had recently bought up all the buildings that formerly housed the well-known Luxembourgish Monopol supermarkets, Kreutz and Sumo suddenly realized they had walls. Walls that could be theirs, if only for a brief time, i.e. until Breevast would tear them down and transform them into prime new real-estate. 

Not one to let a good wall go to waste, Sumo asked his graffiti friends to join him in this one-of-a-kind experience: one week in which to create a mind-blowing mural, in the full knowledge that a few weeks later their wall would be torn down and demolished. 
Of course seasoned graffiti artists know that their work may not live to see the next day or week or month. All over the world cities employ cleaning squads with blast trucks to remove painted graffiti from walls and buildings and paint it over with beige. But in this case there was no doubt: whatever piece of art they would create, however brilliant or wonky or wonderful it would turn out to be, bulldozers would come and raze it to the ground.

But the artists agreed. They bagged their masks and music and paint-splattered Reeboks and travelled to Differdange. 

And there, at the intersection of a defunct department store, a cool real-estate company and a group of kick-ass artists such as The Weird, Sumo, Spike, Stick etc. , the Weird Disney Wall was born.

GOODBYE MONOPOL Transformation avant démolition 27.08-02.09.2012 a film by Will Kreutz & Sumo atypical - all rights reserved